People STINK!!

My Mom has this Cat, his name is Tyson. He is Gorgeous! Solid Black with the greenest eyes you've ever seen. He is a Blast to play with too. Well I just got off the phone with my mom and yesterday he was bleeding and mom just thought he'd gotten into a tussle with another cat but she couldn't find a scratch on him and noticed that the blood was coming from his nose. So she's pretty sure that someone poisoned him. I'm pretty sure I know who did it too. Of course there is no proving it; but the people that live across the street can't stand my mom or any of us kids. Rick and I made the mistake of parking in front of their house one day because there was no where else our "monster truck" would fit. We were in the house for all of 5 minutes and I happened to glance outside and one of the neighbors is looking in the back of the truck and the lady is looking in the windows. umm...rude.... ok now that's just annoying and rude but they are always calling down to the park office and filing false complaints on my mom and once they trapped my sisters dog and kept him in a cage all day and the next morning. All the while we are walking the whole park calling for him. Then a couple weeks later he disappeared all together. kinda fishy, huh? Anyway the point of this post....Pray for Tyson Please!! He's such a great cat and it stinks that someone would hurt him like this.

Emma with Tyson last week.

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