My Spin on Elf on the Shelf...

I saw this cool thing called Elf on the Shelf about a week ago on AGD. I Loved the Concept of it and you all know that if it even has a remote chance of making my kids behave, I'm all over it. So I went hunting...I called all the local stores that might have it. None did. So online it had to be. I checked several online sites and the cheapest I found it... thirty bucks!!! Now there is no way that the Main Man is going to let me spend thirty dollars on an Elf. Can you picture his eyes bugging out of his head?? lol... So this is Cherish(which I paid $5 for at vons )... Cherish is Comets wife and Santa sent her to our house to keep and eye on these kiddo's. Every night she goes home to report to the Big Man and then heads back to us for the day. The girls are Eating her up!! Every time Kylee starts to do something she's not supposed to I hear her say "oh no....cherry(cherish) will see me" and she stops!!! How great is that?!?! Too bad she can't live with us forever.

Emma's New Hat

Emma got a Hat at Targets Black Friday Sale. She wore it once and it fell apart. When we tried to return it target wouldn't let us get our money back so we got another one. That one fell apart too. So this time we got a different style. Lets hope we have better luck with this one and shame on Target for not standing by their Customers. Lord knows I spend enough money there. Anyway.....Take the High Road Jessica, Its better to just let it go. So here are some pictures of Emma in her cool new hat. Like the one she saw Uncle DJ wear (she told me that when she picked it out) .

Christmas Fun

Tonight we decorated the Christmas tree, and put out the rest of the decorations. I have to finish the kids stockings tonight then I'll be able to post them. The kids had a blast. I let them make pizza's for dinner. Which is always a hit. Then they scarfed them down and were tearing into my boxes of decorations. lol...I had to fix some of the decorations after they went to bed because 95% of them were on the bottom 2 feet of the tree. We even got the the Main Man involved. Didn't last long but hey progress is progress.

Bye Bye Ivy....

Well she just became too much to handle. Our Beloved dog now has a new home. It has become impossible to keep her in the yard. We even Completely enclosed the backyard and she broke right through the lattice we put. Jumped fences higher than we ever thought possible. We caught her across the street stalking some little pomeranian puppies and we knew she had to go. Luckily our neighbors mom was able to take her. I'll miss my sweet dog that used to love to sleep on my porch. :(

Awesome Giveaway from an Awesome Blogger

I've been following the AGD blog since last year. I love Angie's take on life and how even though life isn't easy she's always positive. Now she is celebrating her 555th post with a Give-a-way! She is giving this awesome Cross to one lucky person. Go post so you have a chance to win too. You can find it here. She's also doing a great give-a-way for a $75 Ridemakerz gift card. You can check them out here. That is what Mommy is getting Emma for her Birthday. But shhhh.... Don't tell.

cool website

check out this website its really cool and they have a contest right now to win a $200 target giftcard.

I'm so Mad!!

Ok. I'm so mad, I probably have steam coming out of my ears. About 2 weeks ago a girl contacted me about making a santa hat for her dog. So we decided that she would meet me at my house at 9 am so that I could measure her dog for the hat. The day came and we waited. 10:30 came and I had to leave, so we left and when we got back I had 3 messages from her apologising, explaining that she had overslept. Ok no problem we set up another time a week ago she calls when she was supposed to be here saying that needed directions. So I finally get my measurements and told her she could pick it up at 9 am today. She calls yesterday and asked if I could make a cape to match it. I stayed up late last night to make it and here I sit this morning its now 10:53 and she's not answering her phone and hasn't come by. Anyone want a super cute santa hat and cape?? E-mail me here. At this point that lady can stuff it. Here are pictures. Please ignore the scruffy mutt that its on. Of course the only dog I could find that it would fit is all mangy looking. Either way here it is.

More Emma!!!

Last two Today I promise!!! I made this Tee for Emma this morning and she was gaga over it. I thought it turned out super cute too. The Bunny is even doing the "Rock On" sign with his fingers.

Emma Bounced on this thing for a good 15 Minutes! Then Screamed all the way to the car when I made her get off. lol....

Cassi the Indian Woman!!!!

These are Cassi's two Best Friends Cody (left) and Aidan (right).

Today was Cassi's Thanksgiving production. She was an Indian woman, and let me just say they were all so cute!!!

Look how much my girls have grown. The top one is at last years production and the bottom was taken today.

Stocking Anyone??

I was supposed to post a picture of this to Bwild like 2 weeks ago. oops...just doing it now. Anyway if anyone would like one you can contact me here.

My Goofy Girls!

Goofy Emma Again.

Cassi in her Wingland WildCats Tee! Please forgive her pouty look she had just got out of the dentist office about half an hour earlier.

Goofy Girl....Emma decided to hide from me while I returned some stuff to target yesterday. This is where I found her. Not that she was hard to find since she was giggling hysterically.


Kylee insisted that I take her picture as she ran as fast as she could down the side walk. She was in a silly mood.

The are Leaves everywhere!

When I asked Emma what she was doing she said "shhh...I'm thinking"

Kylee made more of a mess than anything.
Emma Balancing Daddy's big Push Broom.

On Monday while Cassi was at school Emma, Kylee and I decided to sweep all the leaves out of the carport and off the driveway. The girls had a blast helping we sweep and jumping in the leaves and they were so cute trying to use mommy's broom. Of course when we got home from grocery shopping the driveway was covered in leaves again!

Kylee and the Cat.

Saturday was Rick's softball tournament so the girls and I went and when we got back they were bagging up the bottles and cans to take and cash in. Well, while her sisters were in the back Kylee convinced the neighbors cat to let her pet her. I couldn't resist, it was too pretty a picture not to post it.

Kylee the lunch meat snob!

At 5 this morning Kylee was sitting on the counter enjoying some sister free mommy time as we do nearly every morning. Daddy had decided last week that he wanted bologna for his lunch meat this week. So I'm making the sandwich and all of the sudden Kylee says "eww ma whats that pink stuff under the muenster?". Now she's got the fancy cheese down pat but she has no clue what bologna is?!?! She's got me wondering if I am doing my girls and injustice by denying them the experience of slimy lunch meat smashed between a little mayo and couple slices of white bread?

The Mailman brought Presents!!!

Yesterday the mail man brought us presents. We got a much awaited package from my buddy Eileen of Frumplesmush*. She made Kylee this awesome knit shirt with the cutest reindeer applique on it. Kylee Loves it!!!! Thank you Eileen!!!

Red Ribbon Week

Every week Kylee Emma and I go and Volunteer at Cassi's school for MileCat. Which is basically the kids walk laps and for every lap they get their card punched, after so many laps they get a cute little plastic foot to keep on a chain which is to symbolized each mile they've walked. Well for Red Ribbon Week (the old say no to drugs thing we did in school) some of the troops came out to see the kids. We had 4 marines and 3 Army Men. The marines walked around the school and talked to the kids and the Army Men brought 3 hummers for the kids to check out and they helped us mom's punch cards. The kids had a Blast! It was by far the best turn out we've had for mile cat all year. The kids got to climb all over the hummers. We even found out that you can cram 25 kids into a hummer and close the door. lol...Emma was one of the 25. After mile cat was over and all the other kids had gone back to class. Emma and Kylee got to really check out the hummers. They got a ride in one! It was awesome! The Army Guys were Great! Go ARMY!!!! Anyway here are some pictures from that day.

There is Emma and Kylee in the Middle of the Sea of 5th Graders with their buddies. All the 5th graders seem to love them.

That's it for now.

~Love you~

Let the Bombardment of Pictures Comense!

Kylee and Emma's Best Halloween Monster Faces.

Ok so I was going through my pictures from Red Ribbon week and I realized that there are alot of pictures that most of the family didn't get to see so I'm going to start posting them little by little. Here are a few from Just before Halloween. I made Emma's outfit and Kylee and Cassi's Shirts. Cassi's is from our trip with her class to the pumpkin Patch.