More Emma!!!

Last two Today I promise!!! I made this Tee for Emma this morning and she was gaga over it. I thought it turned out super cute too. The Bunny is even doing the "Rock On" sign with his fingers.

Emma Bounced on this thing for a good 15 Minutes! Then Screamed all the way to the car when I made her get off. lol....

Cassi the Indian Woman!!!!

These are Cassi's two Best Friends Cody (left) and Aidan (right).

Today was Cassi's Thanksgiving production. She was an Indian woman, and let me just say they were all so cute!!!

Look how much my girls have grown. The top one is at last years production and the bottom was taken today.

Stocking Anyone??

I was supposed to post a picture of this to Bwild like 2 weeks ago. oops...just doing it now. Anyway if anyone would like one you can contact me here.

My Goofy Girls!

Goofy Emma Again.

Cassi in her Wingland WildCats Tee! Please forgive her pouty look she had just got out of the dentist office about half an hour earlier.

Goofy Girl....Emma decided to hide from me while I returned some stuff to target yesterday. This is where I found her. Not that she was hard to find since she was giggling hysterically.


Kylee insisted that I take her picture as she ran as fast as she could down the side walk. She was in a silly mood.

The are Leaves everywhere!

When I asked Emma what she was doing she said "shhh...I'm thinking"

Kylee made more of a mess than anything.
Emma Balancing Daddy's big Push Broom.

On Monday while Cassi was at school Emma, Kylee and I decided to sweep all the leaves out of the carport and off the driveway. The girls had a blast helping we sweep and jumping in the leaves and they were so cute trying to use mommy's broom. Of course when we got home from grocery shopping the driveway was covered in leaves again!

Kylee and the Cat.

Saturday was Rick's softball tournament so the girls and I went and when we got back they were bagging up the bottles and cans to take and cash in. Well, while her sisters were in the back Kylee convinced the neighbors cat to let her pet her. I couldn't resist, it was too pretty a picture not to post it.