Red Ribbon Week

Every week Kylee Emma and I go and Volunteer at Cassi's school for MileCat. Which is basically the kids walk laps and for every lap they get their card punched, after so many laps they get a cute little plastic foot to keep on a chain which is to symbolized each mile they've walked. Well for Red Ribbon Week (the old say no to drugs thing we did in school) some of the troops came out to see the kids. We had 4 marines and 3 Army Men. The marines walked around the school and talked to the kids and the Army Men brought 3 hummers for the kids to check out and they helped us mom's punch cards. The kids had a Blast! It was by far the best turn out we've had for mile cat all year. The kids got to climb all over the hummers. We even found out that you can cram 25 kids into a hummer and close the door. lol...Emma was one of the 25. After mile cat was over and all the other kids had gone back to class. Emma and Kylee got to really check out the hummers. They got a ride in one! It was awesome! The Army Guys were Great! Go ARMY!!!! Anyway here are some pictures from that day.

There is Emma and Kylee in the Middle of the Sea of 5th Graders with their buddies. All the 5th graders seem to love them.

That's it for now.

~Love you~

Let the Bombardment of Pictures Comense!

Kylee and Emma's Best Halloween Monster Faces.

Ok so I was going through my pictures from Red Ribbon week and I realized that there are alot of pictures that most of the family didn't get to see so I'm going to start posting them little by little. Here are a few from Just before Halloween. I made Emma's outfit and Kylee and Cassi's Shirts. Cassi's is from our trip with her class to the pumpkin Patch.

Piggy Pals

I'm a bit behind in my posting since we've been sick. The babies get sick and of course mommy can't get away from it, and then poor daddy gets it and he has to work. :(
Anyway Monday we started a chore chart for the girls. Since they were going to need a place to put all that green daddy's gonna be shellin' out we got piggy banks. These are a bit bigger than the little silver one I had at grandma and grandpa's when i was little. They are awfully cute thought. Cassi's is the polka dot one, Emmas is Purple since that's her Favorite color, and Kylee's well that speaks for itself. How could it not be Pink with a Jeweled Tiara. Oh and here is Ky begging for more money to put in hers.

Until next time.
Love n' Hugs!
Jessica and the Girls

Into the Mind of a 4 year old.

We got a Surprise in the mailbox today. Emma got her November issue of "Playmate" Magazine (Thank You Papa Paul!). In it was a picture of Santa which emma spent the better part of an hour coloring. Now does my kid go for the traditional Santa getup? NO!!! LOL.... Santa's sportin' bright blue pants, a rainbow coat and a black hat.