Piggy Pals

I'm a bit behind in my posting since we've been sick. The babies get sick and of course mommy can't get away from it, and then poor daddy gets it and he has to work. :(
Anyway Monday we started a chore chart for the girls. Since they were going to need a place to put all that green daddy's gonna be shellin' out we got piggy banks. These are a bit bigger than the little silver one I had at grandma and grandpa's when i was little. They are awfully cute thought. Cassi's is the polka dot one, Emmas is Purple since that's her Favorite color, and Kylee's well that speaks for itself. How could it not be Pink with a Jeweled Tiara. Oh and here is Ky begging for more money to put in hers.

Until next time.
Love n' Hugs!
Jessica and the Girls

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