Why Oh Why Do They Do These Things??

A few months back I bought the girls these really cute dressers and a shelf that were used but just needed a coat of paint to make them perfect to match the girls bed. Well I was making dinner the other day and Rick and I hear this horrifying crash in the girls room. We go flying in there to find this.

Emma took it upon herself to climb the shelf and put money in her piggy bank with out asking mom for help. Now mind you I explained several times what would happen if they climbed it. But you know Emma she doesn't believe a word that comes out of my mouth. The white piggy bank is Cassi's which as you can see is completely busted. The pink one is Kylee's and you can't see in the picture but its missing the the legs on the left side. Emma's Piggy was the only one to survive the fall. Imagine that. So as punishment she had to take money out of her piggy and buy her sisters both new banks. Luckily we were able to find the exact ones that they had before. So all is right with the world. Oh and please please please ignore all the other junk on the floor in this picture, its the kids room so its always thrashed.


Stacy - Mae Mae's Creations said...

okay, you must let me know where you found the new banks.... D & M have matching banks that look like yours and I can't find Riley one!

Jessica said...

i got them at target. they have girl and boy themed ones, they were only 12.99 each too.